Dr Chris Shaw: The coming wave of neurological vaccine damage will CRUSH the world’s health care systems


Health Ranger Report | 20 August 2021


Dispatches from the Vaccine Wars: Fighting for Human Freedom During the Great Reset (Children’s Health Defense) 

Professor Christopher A Shaw discovered, after a deep-dive literature search on aluminum impacts on humans and animals, that aluminum hydroxide, an adjuvant in the anthrax vaccine, had a significantly negative impact on motor functions and reflexes of patients in the literature. After that finding, he did what scientists are supposed to do and kept following the leads. However, organizations like WHO dismissed him immediately. Those powerful organizations either knew what he knew, that aluminum vaccine adjuvants were harmful, or they simply didn’t care. In either case, two possible reasons for the lack of response became clear to Shaw and his colleagues: dogma and money. The first had served to convince most of the world’s medical professionals that Shaw had to be wrong because, after all, “the science was settled.” And, behind much of this was the naked fact of how much money vaccines brought in to cover the pharmaceutical industry’s profit margin. The combination of those two have the finger prints of various Big Pharma companies smudged all over the question of vaccine safety, which included the demonization of both scientists and lay scholars who raised even the tamest questions about safety and the push for vaccine mandates around the world. After these events, Shaw decided to dig deeper. (Amazon.com)



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