Dr Andres Noack explains graphene hydroxide in the injections


On 23 November 2021, Dr Andreas Noack posted this video about graphene nanoparticles that act like razor blades – ‘the sharpest structure imaginable’ – inside blood vessels and cut up the epithel. This could explain why so may top athletes are dying from internal bleeding because they have fast-flowing blood. The faster the blood flows, the more damage the razors will do.

The article published in June 2021 by Prof Pablo Campra referred to by Dr Noack in this video is published here. You will also find several other posts on graphene on this site by using the search.





It has been reported that Dr Noack was arrested within 2 hours of this video going live, and was dead 8 hours later. According to a post written by his wife, he was found dead in a ‘lock-up’, allegedly ‘beaten to death’.

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9 December 2021

Dr Ariyana Love of Finland confirms Dr Noack’s death.


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