‘Devolution’ series by Patel Patriot


Last updated 25 Aptil 2022


Patel Patriot has published a series of articles on Devolution in which he explains how a shadow government was formed around Trump following the 2020 Presidential election steal, with the aim to defeat the Washington DC ran by the globalist cabal and win back America for its people.



  • Part 2 – The Defense Intelligence Agency and the Defector​
    07/07/21 [article] [reading] [links]




  • Part 6 – Antifa & The Capitol Riot 
    07/30/21 [article] [reading]






  • Addendum 2 – COGCON 2 
    08/26/21 [article






  • Addendum 3 – Exhausting All Options
    ​11/22/21 [article] [reading]

  • Part 14 – Invisible Enemy
    12/11/21 [article] [reading]




  • Addendum 4 – Draft Executive Order
    ​01/22/22 [article] [reading]





Source: https://www.devolution.link/




Watch the video Devolution – Volume 1 by Adam Riva based on this series by Patel Patriot.


Below an interview of Patel Patriot by American Media Periscope.





Also here is a video made by Mr Truth Bomb which covers Devolution Part 13.






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