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Clif High with Patel Patriot


27 January 2022

The CCP waged this war through slow infiltration of the target nation (USA), hence the difficulty in awakening the people to the reality then unifying them around the world. Interconnected globalist mafia structure will be exposed as well as the interdependent relationship between them and the CCP. Global governance is breaking down and the worldwide protests will turn into a revolution. Information war – Kazakhstan’s central bank’s records are coming out. The Fed will die in May.




28 December 2021

How China developed the bio-weapon to kill its own people and what really happened in Wuhan. Self-Organising Collective (SOC) – the key role they have been playing in the war against the globalists and Trump’s involvement with them. Crash of central banks and death of fiat currencies will be followed by move to crypto and a new system of currency. 2022 will bring a period of revelation of true knowledge.





Clif High with David Nino Rodriguez


28 November 2021

The War

We are facing the most complex psychological warfare ever practised against humanity. Every government is attacking their own people, some unknowingly.




29 September 2021

Future Predictions And Living Within The Woo



The Spartacus Letter




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