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The New York Times: Ukraine-Russia Peace Is as Elusive as Ever. But in 2022 They Were Talking.

          With Russia and Ukraine locked in their third year of all-out war, there is no clear path to military victory for either side. Nor are there immediate prospects for a ceasefire and an eventual peace plan, with both sides sticking to irreconcilable positions. Yet the issues that would need to be tackled in any future peace settlement are evident, and in fact were at the center of negotiations two years ago that explored peace termsRead More

Steve Bannon Responds to Being Ordered to Prison

      Tucker Carlson | 12 June 2024       Steven Bannon is the former White House Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor to President Donald Trump. He hosts The War Room podcast Bannons War Room     Source:

What Is Happening With Alex Jones & InfoWars?

        Source:         Viva Frei Explains What Is Happening With Alex Jones & InfoWars   1 June 2024   Source:         InfoWars may be SHUT DOWN, doors locked, equipment liquidated…   3 June 2024   Source:         Alex Jones Gets RAIDED… So He Says (Publicity Stunt?)   3 June 2024   Source:

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