Watch The Water (Teaser)

  5 April 2022   The full Dr Bryan Ardis interview on SARS-CoV-2 origins: coming soon  

Australian senators speak out

  Senator Alex Antic addresses the problem of the World Economic Forum in the Senate 30 March 2022       Senator Gerard Rennick calls for the vaccine rollout and mandates to end 29 March 2022       Senator Malcolm Roberts calls out the Australian Government and Agencies who colluded with Big Pharma and knowingly rolled out the covid vaccines causing death and injury whilst profiteering from this agenda 29 March 2022

Just-Released Docs Reveal NIH Deleted COVID Data For Wuhan Researcher

  UNDERCOVERDC | 29 March 2022   An eye-opening 238 pages of just-released documents from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) disclose that in June 2020—at the request of researchers at China’s Wuhan University—the NIH deleted information about COVID-19 genetic sequencing. The tranche of emails, obtained by the non-partisan group Empower Oversight following a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, reveal the frenzy of activity at the NIH following the deletions and show that an expert advised then NIH Director Francis Collins and Dr. AnthonyRead More

Former News Exec. Reveals the Government ‘Warning’ Given to Networks to Air Covid Propaganda

  Becker News | 28 March 2022   The Covid pandemic response beginning in 2020 was one of the most sweeping cases of media propaganda in world history. Governments not only lied to the masses (“15 days to slow the spread,” e.g.) and made dubious claims based on poor evidence (“mask up” to end the pandemic), but it censored media outlets and even civilians for doubting the mainstream narrative. Now, a former news executive at international network Sky News, asRead More

Killer Nurses: We Stayed For The Paycheck

  Dr Jane Ruby Show |14 March 2022     America’s death hospitals that would not have beeen able to successfully kill everyone in their path without the help and compliance of nurses, the primary professional health care provider class charged by oath and ethics to be the red line between patient rights, well being and protection. Nurses that stayed in Big Healthcare like hospitals and other corporate driven medical facilities have de facto abdicated their precious oath of ethicsRead More


  PENNSYLVANIA SENATE 4 March 2022       Legislators ========= Senator Doug Mastriano (Host) Senator Michelle Brooks (Chair of Senate Health and Human Services Committee) Representative Dawn Keefer Representative Rob Kauffman Others TBD   Expert Panellists ============= Peter McCullough MD, MPH – A worldwide leader in pandemic response with more than 600 publications in the National Library of Medicine and 50 publications specific to COVID-19. He has previously testified in the U.S. Senate regarding Pandemic Response. Dr. McCullough willRead More

Dr Peter McCullough Full Speech at CPAC 2022 in Orlando

  26 February 2022  

Doctors For Covid Ethics Symposium lll

  D4CE | 18 February 2022   Doctors for COVID Ethics are hundreds of doctors and scientists from all corners of the globe. We have written three letters to the European Medicines Agency, urgently warning of short term and long term dangers from COVID-19 vaccines, including clotting, bleeding and platelet abnormalities. We first began warning of blood-related risks before media reports of clotting led to vaccine suspensions around the world. In the absence of crucial safety data, we are demandingRead More

X22 Report Spotlight w/ Dr Tenpenny & Clay Clark

  X22 Report | 27 January 2022   Interview with Dr Sherri Tenpenny and Clay Clark COVID ‘vaccines’ are not vaccines. They are bioweapons designed to shut down your innate immune system, increase the amount of cancer, cause cardiovascular diseases, neurological complications, and more. Third booster is shown to take down your immune system permanently so you will become suspetible to any type of virus/bacteria or pathogens. The stated goal of the Great Reset is depopulation, to make people cronicallyRead More

Dr Peter McCullough interviewed by Joe Rogan

  15 December 2021  

COVID-19: A Second Opinion

  25 January 2022   On January 24, 2022 Senator Ron Johnson invited a group of world renowned doctors and medical experts to the U.S. Senate to provide a different perspective on the global pandemic response, the current state of knowledge of early and hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy and safety, what went right, what went wrong, what should be done now, and what needs to be addressed long term. This 38 minute video highlights the 5-hour discussion.      Read More


  Dr Andrew Kaufman | 19 January 2022  

Planet Lockdown – The Documentary (2022)

  15 January 2022         Source credit: Planet Lockdown    


  SGT Report | 3 January 2022  

Dr Robert Malone Full-Length Interview with Joe Rogan

  31 December 2021   Revealing the truth about COVID-19 and medical fraud Dr Robert Malone‘s Twitter account was suspended on 29 December after he posted COVID Care Alliance video on COVID vaccines and another post about the WEF. He says Thompson-Reuters is the fact checker of choice of Twitter and they are in turn tied to Pfizer. This in part decides what is allowed to be discussed on Twitter. He describes a trial he has helped design using femotidineRead More

The Spartacus Letter

  On September 26, 2021, a scientist published the following document about COVID-19, outlining complete disease function and treatment, and revealing this outbreak to be a criminal conspiracy of such magnitude as to defy belief. The scientist did this anonymously, fearing employment retaliation for revealing these truths, which have been known for over a year in the medical and scientific communities. The scientist cites irrefutable medical facts about the disease itself, outlines the effort to thwart successful treatment of theRead More

Covid19 Vaccine Passports Result in the Faster Spread of Covid19 – UK Government Data

  Uncensored Doctors | 21 December 2021    

A Physicians’ Declaration read by Dr Robert Malone

  Global Covid Summit | 12 September 2021   Over 3,000 Doctors and Scientists signed a Declaration accusing COVID policy makers of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’    

Crimes of Cover-Up? Exposing the World’s Most Dangerous Lie

  Glenn Beck presents the result of his investigations into the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 ourbreak and how mRNA vaccines were being developed between NIH and Moderna BEFORE the global pandemic started.  

X22 Report Spotlight with Dr Zev Zelenko

  X22 Report | 30 October 2021 We Are Living Through A Global Bio Weapon Attack, People Have The Cure To Fight It         X22 Report | 25 September 2021 Forget Class Action Lawsuits There Will Be Tribunals, What If Cures Already Exist?          

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