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Bill Gates grilled about his connection to billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein in an awkward interview on Australian Broadcasting Corporation

30 January 2023





Bill Gates Trashes Current COVID Jabs But Teases New Option

“We think you can have…a thing that you can inhale that will mean you can’t be infected — an inhaled blocker.

The current vaccines are not infection blocking, they’re not broad, & they have very short duration.”

January 2023











Bill Gates 2020: “A key goal [of the vaccine] is to stop the transmission and to get the immunity levels up so you get almost no infections going on whatsoever.

“We want vaccines that are infection blocking and long duration, which today, the vaccines have saved millions of lives but they don’t have have a much in a way of duration, they’re not good at infection blocking.”





Bill Gates Warns Us About The Threat Of A Smallpox Attack

4 November 2021



Bill Gates: “We’ll have another pandemic, it will be a different pathogen next time…”




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“Normalcy only returns when we’ve largely vaccinated the entire global population.”



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WEF, Davos | 22 January 2017




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