A Call to Return to the Land




Asha Logos | 12 April 2023




This video covers an immense amount of ground.. perhaps too much.
It’s sole purpose (for the moment) is to foster fruitful discussion down these paths, and hopefully help spur some new types of thinking – I don’t think we have a great deal of time left.


I’m under no illusions that my own words here will immediately kickstart all these grand goals.. nor are they yet concrete enough to be pursued, just yet. It’s my hope that they might play some part in eventually bringing capable (and devoted) minds together to properly flesh these things out. I’ve done the easy part, like an idealistic child, and set down some broad strokes, only to help get the ball moving.. seeking only to be concrete and specific enough to paint this broader picture, but not so much that others can’t use their own imagination/vision to effectively ‘fill in the blanks’, and better expand on the core ideas.


It’s also a bit redundant in parts – I really wanted to more deeply ‘imprint’ a few concepts that I consider most important. The audio quality isn’t great in portions – no more recording all audio next to a crackling wood stove. It also feels just a bit scattered, as I attempted to cover several individual topics that deserve their own short novel with a few brief passing remarks.


But none of this matters a great deal.
Again, no matter what type of discussion this video inspires, it’ll have served it’s purpose in causing one to think on these topics – to imagine, envision, conceptually conjure – and I have no doubts that doing so is the first important step, down a potentially beautiful and powerful path.




Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrNOT2OiykE