A Call for Parallel Institutions




Asha Logos | 5 December 2021




At the risk of stating the obvious –
The situation we face couldn’t be much more serious.. hospitals beginning to refuse life saving organ transplants and certain types of medical care to the unjabbed, forcible quarantines and lockdowns, tens of thousands losing their jobs and livelihoods coupled with runaway inflation, supply chain failures that are likely to get far worse in coming months.. this insanity isn’t just destroying lives, it’s now ending lives, in increasingly significant numbers.


They’re able to exercise this level of power because we’ve allowed them to create the political and economic architecture necessary to maintain such leverage.
I have no illusions about it being a quick or easy path.. but if we’re able to slowly but surely find paths to create a parallel architecture, not only would we then divest these criminals of this absolute power, we’d literally save lives, in the process.. and perhaps finally slow or reverse the exploding rate of suicides, resulting from hopelessness, despair, and a feeling of powerlessness.


It’ll be a long, difficult road, creating new structure, and finding workarounds to counter unjust overreach, as we go.. but I’d love to see us make it less dark and arduous by simply refusing to embrace that bleak mentality. I recently watched some video of a protest in Paris, in which the unjabbed/masked weren’t allowed into restaurants, so they simply laid out blankets on the cobblestone and enjoyed picnics, en masse. I’ve seen several similar videos from across the world, and it’s a beautiful thing to see.


Because the obvious goal is to demoralize, drain, exhaust and thus grind the non-compliant into submission, the more we can fight these battles with a lighthearted adventurous spirit, the less powerful their means and methods become. Less of this depressed and fatalistic attitude, more righteous civil disobedience from a spirit of justified optimism. Defying such obvious evil and injustice needs to be made intriguing, interesting, attractive, and become an element of our culture, until this beast is slain.


I like to remind myself that this fight isn’t for *me*, or even exclusively for those I happen to personally know and love.. this is a fight in large part for the tens of thousands no longer with us, who saw no way out and simply couldn’t take it anymore – and the tens of thousands like them who, as we speak, stand on the brink.


If we’re able to work together to blaze a trail out of and away from this hell on earth, there really is no telling where it might lead.. we only need to summon the energy and will to take the necessary first steps.




Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vw3tUXdLu2Y

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