A Call for New Culture Creators




Asha Logos | 19 June 2021




The most effective means of subverting a nation and controlling it’s people isn’t via political machinations, or even control of the money supply – it’s in the erasing and supplanting of a cultural foundation, and it’s wholesale replacement with something new.


It couldn’t be more obvious that precisely this is happening all around us, as we speak. The incredibly impressive framework cultivated and passed down through countless generations of our ancestors is being utterly decimated, and replaced with an abominable monstrosity.. a chaotic abomination destined to implode, and threatening to take the world down with it. This degeneration isn’t just one of standards and morals and ethics, but stretches across virtually every sphere. As we learn to worship the dollar – and thus, those men who most efficiently control it – our world becomes increasingly cheap, base, utilitarian.. the beautiful has no place.


I created this to voice the conception of a conscious creation – to some degree, recreation – of a far more natural, healthy, and attractive alternative cultural path.. to encourage all listening to recognize how they might play a role.


You’ll notice I’ve used several creations of @wrathofgnon, and visuals from @oloiux, from the otherwise so ugly Twitter.. along with classical art, architecture, beautiful natural settings. This provides some small example of the contrast with the prevailing culture of modernity I hope we might start to paint. When a critical mass of people can begin to agree on what it is they seek and most resonate with, which direction they consider ideal, the act of moving forward down that path becomes a more firmly defined straight line.


True ‘progress’.


As I did in the last video of this type, ‘A Call for Revolutionaries’, I’m dealing with big ideas without being able to fully elaborate on the details of the how/why. I plan to make this something of a ‘series’, to engage in an ongoing discussion.. including dealing with questions, comments, concerns and ideas voiced in comments along the way – so I encourage feedback. Including the constructively critical.. the especially helpful in determining what requires more comprehensive explanation in the future.


I tend to think something massive is on the horizon.. whether it be financial collapse, domestic or international war, or something unexpected (and perhaps artificially orchestrated), and we may all find ourselves caught up in the resulting chaos, to some degree. Regardless what our uncertain future has in store, this path of conscious culture creation is a powerful and necessary one.


Much respect to the growing number of artists and musicians and craftsmen etc already in our ranks – I hope to highlight some of you, soon.


Like attracts like, the beautiful draws in the beautiful.. a conscious recognition of this, and a decision to live and act accordingly, has the power to kickstart something very real.. and draw together the right caliber of individual to rebuild something lasting.


I sincerely hope you’re all well.. and I’m off to the forest, for awhile.



Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7lilklyiek