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22 May 2022

Juan O Savin w/ Sean Stone > The Art Of Winning War



* Washington DC Is Going To Be Torn Apart And Scattered *

– We Need To Remove Extra-Constitutional Authority From Multiple Places That Are Controlling America
– The People Are Going To SEE Who’s Been Doing This And What [Their] Mechanisms Are
– We Are Eliminating [Their] Pawns
– The McAfee Q Operation Will Expose [Their] Mob Network
– America’s Going To Get A Chance To Go Back In Time And Get A Re-Do
– There’s No Single Point Of Failure In This Battle




20 May 2022

Juan O Savin w/ Flyover Conservatives > We’re About To Unwind All Their Evil Schemes



* The Senate Was The Key ~ Q 2453 *

– Quick Update From Trump International Hotel Waikiki
– We’re Going Back To The Scene Of The Crime > Inauguration 2021
– We’re Going To Do Something Amazing And Beautiful

Q 2453




19 May 2022

Juan O Savin w/ Gerry Foley > Pray For Georgia [The Flip]



* The Greatest Reversal Of Fortune In History Is In Our Hands *

– There’s A Lot Of Damage That Has Been Done To The Country > It’s Time To Support & Engage Your Local Family
– WE The People Are ‘The Healing’ To The Body Politic Of America
– We’re Sooo Close > We Must Hang In There
– You’re Not As Abandoned As You Might Think
– We ALL Must Help Each Other Out Of This Mess
– The Greatest Revival In History For America Is Literally Starting Right Now
– We’re At Such A Critical Part Of The Fight > There Isn’t Time To Be Distracted




11 May 2022

Juan O Savin w/ Keith Blandford > Unbelievable Things Are About To Happen In Georgia



* It’s Going To Be Stunning *

– We’re About To See Some Amazing Unbelievable Things Happen Because Of What’s Going On In Georgia > Break Out The Popcorn
– You Will Not Believe What The Consequences Of A Stolen Election Are Going To Lead To, As A Result Of What Happens In Georgia
– We’re Going To Flip This Thing Around
– Georgia Has Great Significance To The 13 Families > The Georgia Guidestones > We’re Going To Crush Them
– We’re About To Have The Greatest Revival In History
– We Are Going To Take Back America For Good




11 May 2022

Election 2020 Is Not Over + Q McAfee Data Dump Coming



* Show Note: Some ‘Trigger Words’ Have Been Muted To Avoid Censorship > Watch The Screen For Those Muted Words *




4 May 2022

Official McAfee Is The Official Rebirth Of Q



* Follow OfficialMcAfee / Now Q Posts > On Telegram *

* Show Note: Some ‘Trigger Words’ Have Been Muted To Avoid Censorship > Watch The Screen For Those Muted Words

0 – 37min
– The Real Story Behind The Musk / Twitter Deal > Nothing Is Ever As It Appears To Be
– How [The Cult] Uses God’s Numbers + ‘Phoenix Rebirth’ Rituals To Invoke Their Magick

37min – 42min
– Trump Using Air Force One Model Airplane With ‘JFK Jr Airplane Colors’ As Comm To [The Cult] For Our Reversal
– Juan Confirms JFK Jr Was Strategically Removed From The Chessboard To Protect And Bring Back Later 😉
– This Has Been Done Before With Other Players Numerous Times
– Both Sides Are Playing The ‘Death / Resurrection’ Ritual

42min – 57min 🔥🔥🔥
– OfficialMcAfee Has Now Become The Official Q Posts
– The Q Group Operation Goes All The Way Back To General Douglas MacArthur
– Computer Algo’s + A.I. Run The Q Post Process
– When Q Got Shutdown In Dec 2020 > The Operation Was Transferred To The McAfee Project
– McAfee’s ‘Dead Man’s Switch’ 31TB Of Data Contains > Human Trafficking, Money Laundering, Payoff’s, Criminal Activity +++
– McAfee’s WHACKD Crypto Triggers An A.I. Scheduled Dissemination Of Data Drops
– Now There Can Be No Association To Trump, Military, Intelligence 😉

57min – 1h:16m
– How The Isis / Osiris Ritual Symbolism + Numbers Are Used
– Their Religion Goes Back Thousands Of Years To Sumeria
– How Trump Has Used Symbology For The Reversal
– Why The Q Symbol Was Put Over The JFK Gravesite + Why They Used An ‘Eternal Flame’
– How Players Are Hidden

1h:16m – 1h:40m
– Time Travel Tech Conspiracies Are Used To Confuse And Discredit The Truth About How Divine Time Really Works
– A.I. Tech Has Been Used For A Very Long Time [Looking Glass] To Predict Likely Future Events, It Is Not A View Into The Timeline Of The Future
– Disinfo Has Been Used To Condition Our Thinking Into Accepting ‘Unavoidable’ Timeline Outcomes
– Music Has Been Used To Move [Control] Collective Hearts & Minds As A Military Operation
– Juan Will Be Putting Together Music To Inspire A Reversal In Hearts & Minds

🔥 Who Has Been Orchestrating A Buyout Of Disney > Think Phoenix Death / Rebirth Ritual > [The Cult] Is Trying To Reinvent The Energy Of Disney – Like Musk Is Attempting To Do [For Them] With Twitter




1 May 2022

MAY 1 > The May Queen’s (Lucifer) Stairway To Heaven #TheMoreYouKnow



* May 1 > Grand Climax > Beltane > Walpurgis Day > May Day > Coven Initiations * The Great Awakening *

We’ve Been Living By [Their] Rituals For Centuries

List Of Satanic Holidays > Know Thy Enemy > Be Wise As Serpents




27 April 2022

Juan O Savin w/ Nino – Justice Will Be Served > 2020 Is Not Over



– Big Legal Things Are About To Happen In CA Regarding Elections
– We Know A Lot More Than [They] Think We Know
– Information That Will Come Out Will Influence People Before The Midterms
– Like Twitter > Behind The Scenes A Disney Media Acquisition Is Being Discussed
– Disney Owns Fox, ABC, ESPN, Hulu +++
– GA Is The Key > If A Senate Seat Flips In GA Due To Fraud > Everything Will Need To Be Re-voted > Budgets, Military Spending, Etc
– 2000 MULES Documentary Release Is Strategically Timed
– Dinesh D’Souza Is A National Hero
– It’s HAPPENING Right This Second
– Eventhough These Cases Take Years, The Data We Have Now Will Change Things Immediately
– It Has Always Been About The Senate > Think Flips
– Justice Is Coming Like A Freight Train
– Time To Start Watching OfficialMcAfee ‘Q’ On Telegram




20 April 2022

Juan O Savin w/ Nino > We’re In Combat With The Senior Executive Service



* What Is The Keystone? ~ Q *

– George Papadopoulos Is An American Hero
– Stefan Halper Was Instrumental In Both The Trump & Flynn Setups
– Every Major College Institution Has Some Nefarious Connections
– $50 Million Was Spent By One Billionaire Trying To Find Dirt On Trump > Nothing Found > Now He’s A Trump Fan
– Everyone Can Learn From The Papadopoulos Story
– We’re At The Beginning Of A Cooling In The Housing Market > A Key Financial ‘Storm’ Indicator
– The Senior Executive Service Was Created To Protect The Deep State > [Their] ‘Keystone’
– We’re In A Continuity Of Government Battle With The SES
– Remember > The Director Of National Intelligence Did Not Complete His Election Foreign Interference Report Timely Or Fully Before Jan 20th
– Why Has Trump Never Condemned What Putin Has Done In Ukraine?
– The Biolabs And Nazis Are A Real Threat To The Russian People
– A Citizen Journalist Reporting The Actual Truth From Inside Ukraine Recently ‘Disappeared’
– The Primaries Are More Important Right Now Than The Midterms > [They] Are Trying To Slip In [Their] RINO’s
– Don’t Wait To Get Involved Until October > Help With The Primaries Now




14 April 2022

Juan O Savin w/ AMP > Arrests Are Coming & They Will NOT Be Done In Secret



* Everybody Will Reel With The Shock Of The Arrests When The Time Comes *

– We Must Understand What [They] Believe #KnowThyEnemy
– [Their] Plan Has Been In Place For Many Decades
– [They] Are NOT Going To Get Away With Their EndGame
– This Is A GLOBAL Storm, [They] Want Our Forces Spread Thin
– There Are MULTIPLE Levels To ‘Continuity Of Government’ (COG) Operations > The Q Clearance Military Level Still Has Ultimate Control
– [They] Are Trying Now To Ramp The COVID Lockdown Narrative Back Up Before The Elections
– The Arrests MUST Be Public For The Collective Healing Process
– Putin Is NOT Losing In Ukraine > He’s Falling Back To Draw [Them] In #ArtOfWar




2 April 2022

Juan O Savin w/ David Nino Rodriguez > Behind The Scenes It’s Going Lightening Fast



* Everything Is On The Line *

– Durham Has More Indictments Coming
– When This Goes To The Next Level, It’s Going To Be A Wipeout > Both Democrats & Republicans
– Hillary Is Signaling That She’ll Take Down Everyone With Her #Panic
– This Is A Huge System Of Crime Families > Fighting To Run The Entire World
– We’re Fighting To Get Into A Winning Position, To Have A Shot At Getting Control Of Our World Back
– It’s FAR Bigger Than Most Are Thinking
– Keep The Faith, Step Up, Use Your Authority
– This Is The Greatest Moment In American History

“The Comeback Will Be Bigger Than The Setback” (George News)




27 March 2022

Juan O Savin w/ David Nino Rodriguez > There’s A Divine Hand On America



* We ARE Going To Win * We’re On Our Way To The Right Ending *

– It’s Understandable Why Putin And Russia Are Doing What They Are Doing
– Don’t Buy The Propaganda
– Pay Attention To Those Now Coming To Trump At Mar-a-Lago
– If Trump Is ‘Out’, No Longer Relevant, Why Are [They] Coming To Him To Negotiate
– The U.S. Dollar And The Federal Reserve System Are Being Disconnected
– Things Are Happening Behind The Scenes To Restore A Constitutional Monetary System
– There’s A Spiritual War Going On For The Soul Of America
– The Storm Is Still Coming > A Wise Man Sees Trouble And Gets Out Of The Way
– There Are Safeties In Place > Does That Mean It’s Going To Be Nothing? > No, It’s Going To Be Rough
– We Will Not Get Out Of This Without Some Divine Assistance
– There Are Men And Women (Patriots) In Positions Of Authority And The Military Who Have Been Working For This Moment And Are Ready To Take Action
– In U.S. History > Who Is The President That Saved America From A Civil War By Using The Military?
– We’re All In This Together > This Is A Moment Where We All Need To Come Together
– This Is Being Brought To A Head As Carefully As Can Be Done




11 March 2022

Juan O Savin w/ AMP > ALL Hands On Deck For Tina Peters + Ukraine Impacts



– Ukraine Bio-Labs
– Financial System Impacts
– Supply Chain System Impacts
– March Dates Look-ahead 3.11 < Mirror > 11.3




4 March 2022

Juan O Savin w/ Tom & Rachel – March Madness > Wait Until The End Of The Month





28 February 2022

Juan O Savin w/ David Nino Rodriguez > Ukraine Bioweapon Labs [Were] Real





28 February 2022

Ukraine > The REAL Geopolitical Context





19 January 2022

Jan 20th 12:01p > Game Time


– The Momentary Madness Will Be Relatively Short Lived
– In Any Combat Zone > Get Out Of The Way > This Is Not A Moment Where Citizens Need To Pop Their Head Up In The Middle Of It
– Let The Big Boys Do What They’ve Got To Do




17 January 2022

Jan 20th Legal #Marker > Next Phase Is Arrests



– We’re About To See Some Really Cool Stuff Start Happening > We’re Down To The Wire Now
– A Lot Of People That Thought We Weren’t Going To Save The Country Are About To Find Out We’re Going To Save The Country
– The Jan 20th One Year #Marker
– It’s A Very Precise Legal Threshold > A Very Important Threshold We’re About To Cross
– If You Subvert Another Country’s Elections It Is An ‘Act Of War’
– The Geneva Conventions Allow For Accepted International Nation State War Responses
– The DoD Law Of War Manual Also Specifies Particular Actions Around ‘Occupying Forces’
– If The Elections Allowed For Someone To Seize Control Of America Covertly > [They] Would Have One Year To Legally Declare Themselves
– If There Was Some Kind Of Fraud In The 2020 Election Orchestrated Outside The U.S. > That Is An ‘Act Of War’
– As Of Jan 20th 2022 Anyone Who Has Not Identified Themselves Now Becomes A ‘Belligerent’ Occupying Force
– Once That One Year #Marker Passes > The Military Now Has A Legal Justification To Act Militarily Within The Borders Of Their Own Country
– When Trump Closed Up NORAD Cheyenne Mountain In 2020 He Said ‘We May Already Be At War And Not Realize It’ * Wink * Wink *
– Mike Pompeo Also Stated Publicly That We Were In A ‘Live Exercise’
– Why Is Jan 20th So Critical > That Is When The Military Clock Started Ticking Following The Jan 6th Certification Of The Election
– It Always Was Going To Take Military Action
– The Sept 12 2018 Executive Order Outlined The Specific Actions To Be Taken To Protect The Integrity Of The Vote > And What Actions To Take If Foreign Interference Evidence Was Found
– The Investigation Had Not Yet Concluded When Congress Certified The Election On Jan 6th
– When Nancy Pelosi Sought To Have Congress Take Nuclear Authority Away From The President > It Was A Clear Indication They Were Aware Biden Did Not Have Military Control Of The Nuclear Authority As Commander In Chief
– If The Military Is Now Going To Fight Back After Jan 20th > How Would They Proceed > And How Would They Properly Inform The Public = EAS
– The Military Would Have To Accurately Present The Situation To The Public So As Not To Appear As If Their Action Was A Coup
– After The 20th This Is All About To Switch Gears > The Next Jolts Will Be Pretty Extreme To Recapture The Helm Of The Ship
– The Next Phase Will Be Arrests


Department Of Defense Law Of War Manual > Updated December 2016

Key Chapters
– Chapter 11 > Military Occupation
– Chapter 4.3 > Unprivileged Belligerents
– Chapter 18 > Implementation And Enforcement Of The Law Of War


Rules Of Land Warfare FM27-10 Field Manual

2019 SHIELD Act H.R. 4617

Sep 12 2018 Exec Order




Source: Juan O Savin SITREP